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Empowering Communities, Transforming Lives


 Investing & driving economic growth through community collaboration


Charting the course for economic empowerment and progress.


Forging new pathways to economic development excellence.

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Financial Technical Assistance

Supporting Black businesses, education, and local municipal initiatives with a focus on technical assistance. By offering financial literacy programs to underserved businesses, we support local communities, governments & municipal partners committed to economic development, as educated businesses contribute to a thriving local economy.

Community Development & Investment

Redeveloping underserved BIPOC communities through innovative solutions. We're committed to revitalizing underserved BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) communities through innovative development and strategic investment. Our approach goes beyond traditional methods, as we work closely with local stakeholders to identify unique challenges and co-create sustainable solutions. From affordable housing initiatives to economic empowerment programs and facilities, we're dedicated to fostering inclusive growth and building vibrant communities where everyone can thrive.

Well Fargo building
Building Donation

Wells Fargo Donates Building for Community Development

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Miracle Moncrief Center

Myrtle/Montcrief Corridor Revitalization Program

Revitalizing Main Street

Forming affiliate partnerships to achieve tangible results. We are dedicated to breathing new life into Main Street communities through strategic partnerships and collaborative efforts. By joining forces with affiliates and local stakeholders, we leverage collective expertise and resources to achieve tangible revitalization results.  From business incubators to facade improvement programs, our initiatives aim to create vibrant, sustainable Main Street environments that attract visitors, support local businesses, and catalyze positive economic transformation

Partner with BBCDC

Capital Commitment

Investing in BBCDC with long-term, affordable capital enables a continuous cycle of growth and support within the communities we’re dedicated to. Such investments are the seed for future prosperity and development.

Grant Funding Partnerships

Through the generosity of philanthropic partnerships, BBCDC can amplify its reach and impact. Funding contributions are essential for BBCDC to magnify its financial influence, expand organizational capabilities, and increase the value of our assets.

Strategic Partnerships

BBCDC forms alliances with the public and private sectors to design unique initiatives that catalyze economic empowerment and growth. These collaborations are pivotal in crafting innovative programs that lay the groundwork for robust economic development.

Special Programs

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East Winter Park Legacy Fund
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Resilience Fund
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Who We Are

BBCDC, established in 1993, is a Florida-based community development corporation with a primary focus on raising capital for community development, business development, and financial education. Our mission is to create economic impact by redeveloping underserved BIPOC communities through community-focused investments and activities. Our goal is to be the premier community development partner.

"Partnering with BBCDC has been an inspiring journey, enabling us to directly invest in meaningful change and reach our community impact goals. We are proud to walk alongside BBCDC as we collectively make a lasting difference in the businesses and communities we serve."

Marilyn Drayton

Senior Vice President, Philanthropy and Community Impact at Wells Fargo

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Financial Literacy Workshop - West Florida

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Wednesday, Sep. 14, 2024

Financial Literacy Workshop - North Florida

Jacksonville, FL

11:00 AM - 01:00 PM

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